Silk Apparel



 8″ x 54″ hand dyed Shibori SILK Charmeuse (Satin) SCARF

This luxurious medium weight silk satin scarf is saturated with color! So soft and smooth with a beautiful, subtle shine. Rich in deep Indian yellows, purples, greens, and rose reds.  The happy colors of a “Carnival”!  You won’t be able to stop touching it.  This scarf is addictive, like comfort food to wear!  Hand-dyed  silk “Shibori”. 

ONE OF A KIND & Only $55.


12″ x 60″ hand dyed Shibori SILK PAJ (light & sheer) SCARF

     Light as air, this super sheer silk Paj scarf is full of gorgeous yet subtle surprises!  Hand dyed, this Ultra Soft, Sheer silk Shibori scarf was created by tightly wrapping the silk diagonally around a 4″ pole. Then the silk takes a bath, in rich hues of chocolate browns.  The result is stunningly beautiful, leaving subtle varieties of tans with just a hint of apricot! The striped pattern resembles tree bark. This is a luminous yet a versatile piece of art to wear!          

ONE OF A KIND & Only $40.



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