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Jo-Ann Jensen is an experienced art teacher and workshop leader.  Her entertaining and educational lectures, demos and fun workshops are designed for all skill levels.   Her love of fabric, texture, color and design is contagious!    Workshops are designed so that the student comes away with a finished project.  NO SEWING MACHINES REQUIRED, and very short supply lists!


Double Vision:Jensen

In this unique workshop, you’ll create a piece of fiber art that’s both visually and technically layered.  Using batik (wax drawing) techniques, a sheer layer of silk slightly raised over your fiber/fabric collage composition, will create a three-dimensional, almost holographic effect.  The results are stunningly beautiful.  You will amaze yourself and have fun, too.  Each student will complete an 8” x 10” matted art piece, ready to frame.  No experience needed and the supply list is short.  NO SEWING MACHINES to lug to class.  Fabrics and all art supplies are provided, but you’re asked to bring sharp, embroidery type fabric scissors and stick fabric glue.




Create your own one-of-a-kind luxurious hand printed silk piece to quilt or frame.  In this fun mono-printing class, we’ll use real seagrape leaves and branches to print on silk.  Learn about the various products used for printing on silk and other fabrics.  We’ll also explore making fabulous patterns (shibori) on silk, using easy tye-dye techniques.   This is a totally stress-free workshop.  The design possibilities are endless for creating your own special art piece on silk.  You don’t need to bring anything to class … all is provided!

Silk Painting Workshop


Learn how easy it is to draw on silk using liquid, water soluable resist and beautifully, flowing silk paints.   Discover the fun of creating your own spectacular piece of silk art to quilt, sew into a pillow-slip or frame into a hanging art piece.  Quilt pattern designs are perfect for this project.  No drawing skills required, and images to trace are provided.  You’re encouraged to bring your own design ideas and/or favorite quilt block patterns!

*Most silk painted/printed projects will require heat setting after 24 hours to be washable.  All instructions and hand-outs are provided by the instructor, including the list of suppliers for products used.

 Silk Scarf Workshop/Shibori Made Simple

scarf 1

Create beautiful pieces of wearable silk art as you learn the skill of binding scarves into a “geode” style pattern with amazing results.   Come learn about the professional silk paint products used and the color-set process of making this new, contemporary version of the original “tie-dye” method of pattern making on fabric.  No experience necessary.  This is a fun, easy to learn technique!


Lectures and Demos

(  1 hour  – designed for all skill levels)

Jo-Ann’s lectures and demos are educational, entertaining and inspiring.    A Live demonstration of batik methods, resist-on-silk painting, Shibori and “tye-dye” techniques, mono-printing, or silk screening is also offered. *

* Live demos are recommended for smaller groups that can gather around the table or facilities with an overhead mirror so that all attendees can observe.

Lecture:  Discoving Silk Batik


This is a “hands on” discussion about silk, the definition of “batik”, “shibori” and many other methods used to create patterns and design on fabric.  As a working studio artist, Jo-Ann gives you a candid opinion of the products she has used to paint and dye on silk, including some surprises you may not have heard of!  Lots of samples not only to admire, but touch!   Jo-Ann shares the stories behind her projects with silk, sewing techniques, and personal tips.






  1. This looks great!

  2. Do you have an on-line calendar of classes you will be instructing? I noticed one on Nov 5th at Art More Place, but .I will not be in town during that time period.

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